As every parent knows, the costs of throwing a kid’s party can really add up. In this article, we’re going to focus on how you can save money on decorations, but you can visit LOZO to find a ton of other ways to save money on parties too.

Buying themed cups, plates, napkins and more for a kid's birthday party can become really costly. An inside tip from parents who have the LOZO: buy a tablecloth with your child's favorite characters, but stick with plain, coordinated colors for everything else. The characters will still stand out (everyone's eyes are fixed on the table anyway while they're eating), so you'll save a bundle without sacrificing the theme.

The most popular characters are usually the priciest since stores know you'll be stuck catering to your kid's wishes. However, the reverse is true too and you can use it to your advantage. Characters that are not getting as much attention these days are often available at a discount. Jump on a big sale if you find one, as long as you're sure your child will still be interested in them by the time their party rolls around. You might be surprised at your kid's openness to another character if you mention it, so it's worth a try to see if they get excited about the one that happens to be on a clearance sale.  For example, maybe they like superheroes but won't mind swapping one hero for another.

You can stay ahead of price gouging with a little planning. If you know a movie is coming out soon featuring your child's favored characters, you can naturally expect the prices to jump as well. Buy early if you can find a good deal and stash the goods away. This strategy works best if you can buy from a store with a forgiving return policy, so if it turns out you've got the wrong items you can still exchange them later on.

Be sure to check out the dollar stores and online shops, too. They can be great options for finding themed items and you may get lucky and find your character in stock. It's worth a look before you hit the party stores.

By following these simple tips, you can have a stellar-looking party without having to break the bank!  (And now you just have to feed the little buggers! But, fear not! We can show you how to save money on groceries too!)

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