October means Halloween!  To the kids, there’s nothing more exciting than going from house to house dressed up as Cleopatra or Darth Vader collecting candy... and even more thrilling to see skeletons and ghosts walking the streets.  I love Halloween!  It means clearing your house and putting the cobwebs up, trashing your lawn with creepy thingamajigs, hanging up spooky signs and teaching your kids creativity and all the fun that goes with it!  

This October go out and seek all the establishments that have gone beyond their norm to outfit for Halloween just to thrill your imaginations.  Did you know that NJ is a hotbed for spookiness?  From haunted houses, scary mazes, witches, fright fests to the halloween attractions at the museums, libraries, zoos, ymcas and community centers, not to mention all the Halloween stores popping up all over, your family is guaranteed to be entertained throughout October.  We’ve compiled our favorite halloween and fall fun things to do throughout NJ and will continue to update this month.    

So many things to do! Don't forget to visit the farms for the apple and pumpkin picking!  It is loads of fun.  My best experience is simply watching my kids reach up as high as they can for that perfect apple and taking a satisfying bite! Then we stock up on apples to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  What fun!    

Please facebook njkidsonline and let us know some of the great spectacles that you’ve come across. Share it with us!  We are always looking for ‘what to do’ ideas for the community.  Get into the holiday spirit and don’t forget to be a kid too!