BALL TAG: Instead of traditional tag, the person who is “it” must toss the ball at the person they wish to tag.

BALL SEEK: One person hides the ball. As the seekers search, the hider uses “cold, warm and hot” to tell players how close they are to the ball.

QUEENIO: One person is Queenio and all the other players stand in a line. Queenio takes that ball and then stands with his or her back facing the line of players. She then gently tosses the ball over her shoulders towards the line. If anyone in the line catches the ball they immediately become Queenio. If it bounces first then whoever gets it holds it behind his back. Everyone in line holds their arms behind their backs and sings “Queenio, Queenio, who’s got the ballio?” If the Queenio guesses the right person then she gets in line and that person becomes Queenio. If she doesn’t guess correctly she remains Queenio.

SILENT BALL: All players get in a circle and toss the ball to one another. No one can make a noise of any type. Any one who makes a noise, throws the ball poorly or falls down is out. The last person standing wins.

SPUD: One player stands in the middle of a circle of players. The person in the middle throws the ball high in the air. Everyone else runs. The thrower catches it and immediately yells “SPUD” and everyone else freezes. The catcher identifies a “target” and takes 3 giant steps towards that person. They try to hit them with the ball. If they are successful, the person who was hit becomes “It.” A variation of this game calls for everyone to be numbered ahead of time and instead of the thrower catching the ball his or herself, that person calls out a number and whoever’s number is called is It.