You know what is best for your child and you want to give them the best values and the best advice that you have. One of the greatest and the best values you can expose them to is the care for their environment. This can be imprinted deeply into their way of life if you try and start making the right choices for them from their early age. One of those choices is choosing the eco-friendly toys for your kid. These are some tips and tricks how to do it and still have your kid entertained, but not on the expense of the environment.


Obviously, the type of material used for the production of the kid's toys should be very important in your search for the perfect eco-friendly toy. It is almost impossible to find a plastic free toy, but not all plastic is the same. Also, check for the sign that the plastic is recyclable or reusable. Try finding some interesting things that are made of natural materials, like wood, stone, felt, wool or cotton. They are more easily recycled and once disposed, they don’t hurt the environment. However, if you opt for the wood, make sure that you know which type of finish is used as it may be toxic.

Usage and Quantity

The first rule of getting your kids a new eco-friendly toy is not to get him one if he has enough already. Piling up toys that are not necessary and that are not used is just like piling up trash. Therefore, make sure that the toys you are using interesting for a longer period of time. This definitely excludes the toys with latest trendy themes and topics. Also, when you see that your kid is not playing with some toy that much anymore, you can put it away and offer it to them again after a couple of months. In most cases, the interest is sparked back instantly, just like it would be with a new toy. Also, make sure that you don’t throw the usable toys away and give them away to other kids.

Use Imagination with Simple Stuff

Everybody who has ever seen a kid playing with a box or with pillows knows that a little bit of imagination and some simple elements that can be combined make the perfect combination for an eco-friendly, mind developing, creativity sparkling game. Therefore, when you are buying the toys, make sure that those toys are just as simple and creativity engaging. Well-made wooden toys with non-toxic finish are just the perfect thing for this. At times, especially with little kids, some everyday objects can turn out to be heaps of fun. Spoons never go out of fashion, as well as cardboard boxes or all sizes and many other things.

Local Manufacturers

A lot of gas and a lot of bad fumes are released into the air for a toy from Japan to be imported and got to the kid in the USA. Therefore, if you want to reduce those ecological impacts, make sure that you choose the toys that are made locally. There are always local manufacturers that make interesting things and some of them definitely make eco-friendly toys. Moreover, buying from the local manufacturers reduces carbon footprint, strengthens the local community and economy which further makes the local development stronger and the ecological initiative more effective and more important.

There are many questions about the toys that you may have once you encounter all those racks filled with all sort of stuff. The first thing you can do is to read the labels on toys and learn all there is to know about those toys. After that, it there is anything more that you need to know about that toy, you need to ask the salesman. The following step is to call the number of the customer support that almost every toys and product in general has on itself and ask them about all the concerns that you may have about their product. They need to answer you directly or you should drop the toy immediately.