Specially crafted for children ages 2½-4, with or without previous exposure to French, à petits pas Excellence provides children with all the proven benefits of bilingualism, while preparing them with skills and tools for Kindergarten.

Building on the success and popularity of FIAF’s current à petits pas program for toddlers, à petits pas Excellence was created specifically to meet parents’ demand for a French language program that meets more than once a week. Featuring three-hour classes offered Mondays through Fridays, à petits pas Excellence offers parents the flexibility to choose as many days per week (two days minimum) and any combination of days that they prefer.“

Over the past three years, FIAF Montclair’s week-ly 90-minute toddler program has grown from four students to nearly 50 students today,” said Marie-Catherine Glaser, Director of FIAF Montclair. “The parents were so happy with the French language instruction their children received at FIAF that they simply wanted more. Our idea was to offer them the flexibility to complement their children’s school day with an all-in-French experience that would provide them with a real immersive exposure to the French language.”

Classes are built around a structured curriculum consisting of a variety of age-appropriate and themed individual projects and group activities. This provides flexibility to match each child’s pace and style of learning, and freer movement in the classroom. Activities will include arts-and-crafts, songs, movement, games, storytelling, and more. All en français!

Curriculum focus includes:

  • French language learning
  • Broadening knowledge of the world through exploration, experimentation, and conversation
  • Exposure to art
  • Motor skills development through movement, games, crafts, and more
  • Social/emotional development, and strength-ening socialization skills

This joyful introduction to French language and culture is a great addition to a part-time preschool. à petits pas Excellence is led by Guitty Roustai.

FIAF Montclair also offers weekly 90-min classes for kids ages 2–17 as well as a before-school program for grades K-5 7

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