During the COVID-19 Quarantine, here are a few activity ideas you and our family might want to occasionally incorporate to ensure a proper digital/non-digital life balance:

  1. Play family board games
  2. Create your own board game
  3. Learn/teach a new game: chess, checkers, card game, Risk, Clue, Scrabble etc.
  4. Create a Role-Playing game like Dungeon & Dragons but suitable for your family with characters and adventures of everyone’s choosing
  5. Play trivia games, Charades or Pictionary
  6. Play pirates and set up a Treasure Hunt
  7. Indoor bowling with a ball and empty drink bottles
  8. Create an obstacle gym indoors or outdoors
  9. Complete a puzzle (or a few)
  10. Play silly games like: Simon Says, Opposite Day, Lava Floor, Hide & Seek etc.
  11. Create an indoor city/fort with blankets and cushions etc.
  12. Build a village or creative vehicles and other creations out of Legos
  13. Arts & Crafts: pasta jewelry, house decorations, sock puppets etc.
  14. Make your own playdoh or slime
  15. Paint, draw, or color and create a display space/home art gallery
  16. Play dress-up and put on a fashion show
  17. Act out your favorite movie or TV show
  18. Design and put on a music concert
  19. Draw/chalk a hopscotch board
  20. Hula hoop or Jump rope contests
  21. Make chalk drawings and/or encouraging statements on your sidewalk
  22. Learn origami, calligraphy, or sketching
  23. Make soaps, essential oils, candles
  24. Learn a new language and/or invent your own
  25. Learn an instrument and/or make your own
  26. Start your own newspaper with everyone contributing their own articles/columns
  27. Start your own at-home news show: everyone takes turns interviewing each other
  28. Make masks for front line workers
  29. Learn a new craft: sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching
  30. Learn photography and begin a memory album
  31. Have every member of the family take turns teaching everyone else a skill or topic
  32. Write letters of gratitude and thanks to nurses, doctors, senior living centers, patients etc.
  33. Compose short stories or songs; individually or as a family where everyone takes turn with a sentence or takes on their own character
  34. Write and put on a theatrical show or play or musical
  35. Create vision and gratitude boards
  36. Start journaling
  37. Start a Book Club
  38. Host a Tea Party
  39. Create a Dance Party
  40. Learn to bake something new
  41. Cook fun meals together
  42. Try out new science experiments
  43. Create an indoor scrap garden out of vegetable remnants like lettuce, celery, carrots, and/or green onions
  44. Start or tend to your outdoor garden
  45. Take neighborhood walks, bike/scooter rides
  46. Play safely outside: catch, frisbee, soccer, tennis, basketball, field hockey etc.
  47. Put on your own Family Olympics
  48. Spring cleaning and organizing
  49. Help a neighbor: clean their yard, mow their grass, make a motivational card/message to put in their mailbox
  50. Hold yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, and meditation sessions
  51. Teach your dog a new trick
  52. Have tongue twister competitions
  53. Redecorate one or more rooms in the house
  54. Create and have a Spa Day: do each other’s hair, nails, make-up, massages
  55. Backyard camping and star gazing

Quality time as a family is incredibly important. With so much of our lives currently requiring us to be at our computers and digital devices, let’s all make sure we create meaningful, non-digital moments together. Let’s value this extra time and really make it count!