Come celebrate the return of spring and summer at one or all of these zoos. Search for your favorite animals, look at photo galleries, and maybe even adopt an animal. Luckily, here in NJ, we’ve got tons of places and things to do.  Here are just some of NJ Kids top picks for Fabulous Zoo visits (some are even free!) – plus we’ve added BONUS fabulous and free ideas with every site! 

Here are some great places to visit the animals across the Garden State: 

Cape May Zoo – This zoo is home to both native and exotic animals.  Fresh air, exercise and a wildlife safari all in one.  The zoo is open daily from 10am-4:30pm. BONUS:  Located within the Cape May County Park with many forested areas. Within the park, you will find picnic areas, walking paths, bike paths, fishing ponds, picnic pavillions, playgrounds and more.  Free admission all year round.

Cohazink Zoo – NJ’s first zoo, it now houses over 200 birds and animals from around the world.  It's a wonderful little zoo for a great family outing. See Kangaroos, Bengal Tigers, Emu, leopards, monkeys, bears.  Open 9am - 5pm, best to visit between 10am-4pm for your best views of the animals. BONUS:  The natural landscaping (a river runs through the park) is perfect for an afternoon stroll. Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the walk. Free admission.

Bronx Zoo  -  Explore the zoo's 265 acres of nature and reconnect with over 650 species of wildlife. BONUS:  Enjoy the in-person or at-home wild encounters which allow you to get up-close and personal with some of your favorite animals like penguins, cheetahs, procupines and sloths.  (Please reserve with appointment online before you go)

Bergen Country Zoo – The zoo showcases wildlife from North and South America so come take a look at some animals not often seen at zoos. BONUS:  There's an amazing playground right across the parking lot. Enjoy Van Saun County Park too.  Admission is currently free up until May 1st.  Open 10am-4pm.

Johnson Park Zoo – If you are looking for a quick family outing, this is a small zoo in Johnson Park, located on the banks of the Raritan River in Piscataway.  BONUS:  Lots to do in this 478 acre park, including East Jersey Old Town Village, 3 playgrounds (enjoy the pirate playground near the Animal Haven), baseball and softball fields, reservable picnic groves, animal haven, 2 ponds, 2.5 mile bike/walkway and 2 cricket pitches. 

Lakota Wolf Preserve - One of a kind animal sanctuary is the Lakota Wolf Preserve. It’s home to wolves, foxes and bobcats. Provides educational Wolf Tours, Wildlife and Wolf Photography.  BONUS:  Experience the mountains of the Delaware Water Gap in Warren County. Photo opportunities of a lifetime and capture the experience of watching and listening to packs of British Columbian, Timber, and Arctic wolves. View them in their natural surrounding. 

Popcorn Park Zoo - an animal rescue & sanctuary, Popcorn Park is home to many different types of animals. You'll find exotic, wildlife, farm animals and birds there. This zoo has rescued animals that are no longer wanted, and also providing a safe sanctuary for other animals before some can be returned to their natural habitats. They are currently home to four Bengal tigers, Muntjacks, a Bactrian camel, a Lechwe, Caimen, Pythons, several types of monkeys, tortoises, Wallabies, and most recently a Civet cat.  Some were rescued from facilities that were closing, research, the exotic animal trade, a traveling circus and more. You'll also see BooBoo, the American black bear, seven cougars, bobcats, a raccoon, turtles, a coatimundi, white-tailed and fallow deer, and many native birds. Popcorn Park is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  BONUS: Make it a day trip and snack up at the Picnic area