We are all beginning to realize that this new Coronavirus-way-of-life might not be as temporary as originally predicted. Businesses small and large, near and far, are gravely affected and are now noticing that they must revamp their methods of operations to survive and thrive throughout this pandemic and beyond.

Analysts have recently stated it will most likely be a year or more before families are comfortable once again in public places such as stores, schools, theaters, and other popular activities. As a matter of fact, it is a common prediction that the earliest we will see a widespread availability for a Coronavirus vaccine is not for another 18-months. Are you and your business ready to operate, survive and thrive in these unstable times for the next year or two?  

When we all believed this virus was going to be a temporary inconvenience, it was a good idea for businesses, unable to operate in person, to offer free online classes, lectures, and services over social media, to keep their current clients engaged. Now, with the new reality that social distancing will most likely remain well into 2021, will you and your business be able to transition? Do you have a plan in place for profitability for the remainder of the year and our possible “new” future?

Here are some ideas and tips to assist you and your business to successfully grow during these difficult days ahead and for many years to come. Here are ways to retain your current clientele while gaining new ones within your community and state. Yet, since we are no longer limited by geographical boundaries, why stop there? This is the time to also engage in the possibility of attracting new students or clients nationwide and even worldwide. Think of the possibilities! Everyone is now accessible, and you can make your service available to everyone around the world who might want or need it. Here is a game plan to get you started.

Business Tips to get you started on a path to profitability:

  1. Start or continue offering occasional, set, free classes or services online through Zoom, Slack, Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube etc.

    Advertising and social media are most important right now. Your current students and clients know you and know how to find you, but what you should also focus on is spreading the word, through marketing, to gain your endless possibility of new families. Entice your current student roster to spread the word. Utilize social media ads and special online publications with an already built-in large readership, to market your online classes and services to new audiences. Have a new, upcoming niche-service, product or class ready to mention at the end of each free video session. Make it special – something different – something no one will want to miss. Now will be the time to slowly transition to a profitable service by offering this new special class at a very low cost. So be creative and invite everyone!

  2. Put together an amazing, special masterclass, activity, or service. 

     Charge a small amount as a slow and very manageable transition to monetization, sustainability and profitability for your business. Use PayPal, Venmo, Square or any other Point of Sales to collect your payment. Once payment is processed, the registered student should then receive a link to that special masterclass or activity, to be accessed at its scheduled time. Remember to make this class fun and interactive. Make it so they will want to return and tell all their friends! At the end of this special class, remember to mention your other services such as your free classes and definitely other upcoming, monetized masterclasses. It will take a little time to get comfortable with this new medium, but the faster you get accustomed and enjoy it, the quicker you will grow your audience and be able to profit from it. Remember, this technology allows you to assist your current clientele as well as allowing you to reach far beyond your neighborhood community. The possibilities are endless – treat it as such.

  3. Once you have done step one and two a few times and increased attendance, now you have the opportunity to introduce longer classes, camps, intensives, seminars and subscribed memberships as it pertains to your business.  

    Families will still be afraid to assemble this summer, yet they will need alternative ways to carry on fun activities and learning opportunities throughout those months, so think of a summer camp or regular summer activity with a higher price tag your audience might appreciate. Advertise it online, everywhere, on social media and online publications with additional readership like NJ Kids Online. Monetize it according to the length, number of hours, and specialty of your class and offer a payment link so you can collect funds upon registration. Then similarly to your masterclasses from step two, send the registered student a link to the scheduled, special event!

Change is sometimes overwhelming and in our current situation quite stressful and frightening as well; however, we must remain strong and remember that our small businesses matter to our community, therefore, we must make certain we continue to succeed by being flexible to our new normal and ready for our new world’s needs. There’s no time like the present – so get out there, ahead of everyone else, right now – create your fabulous online classes, camps, and seminars, monetize gradually, and be sure to spread the word in every way you can!