I am staring out my backdoor and completely in love with what I see. Green, lush, lovely and a beautiful day in may. It is amazing, especially this time of year. Flowers bloom, birds chirp, kids outside! This is a perfect season to celebrate moms this Mothers Day!  I hope you feel as lucky as I feel. I totally enjoy being close to my children who have inspired me and the reason I am so passionate about NJ Kids. Having left the corporate world 9 years ago, I have not turned back once.  At the same time, I am fortunate to work with and meet so many successful women on the same path. Yes, of course it’s not so easy go lucky all the time; there are many degrees of hard work to keeping a family happy and whole; and we are all in the same boat!  Let us take a breath and salute each other for the compromise, the constant juggle, and the plight to being that perfect parent. Cheers to you all!  Take this time to cherish the opportunity of being a mom. It’s a special title. Connect with and enjoy your children. NJ Kids has loads of great ideas in our calendars and online.

 One great idea is a WOODLOCH getaway. It’s my favorite ‘home away from home’ escape. To celebrate the mothers we will be giving away a 2-day family escape (and there’s no cooking involved, plus kids and family are taken care of with all the pre-arranged activities. Just eat and relax!)  Go online, click on CELEBRATING MOMS and enter for your chance to escape!  It’s our way of saying thanks Mom!  

And Thank YOU for picking up NJ Kids On The Go!  We know you are ‘On The Go’, and our mission is to make life simple and enjoyable for your family. 


and The Staff at NJ Kids Media Group