Are your kids well rested and ready for their next challenge? The start of a new grade, new school, new friends, new interests?  

Goodbye summer, it’s time for back to school and all the planning that goes with it!  What will you focus on this year for your child?  What subject area does he/she need work on?  What sports team have you signed up for? What martial arts, gymnastics or dance classes?  Other new interests?  What arts, tutoring or brain training fit into your schedule?  Don’t forget the instrument.  Trust me, I’m going through the same decisions.  Tiger mom or not, it’s all too consuming.  But it doesn’t mean you do it all at once.  Best is to layer on classes over time, trial and error, and get your child adjusted slowly, first to school and homework schedules, then to ‘The Schedule’.  

Use our back to school resource to guide you through your ‘what to do’ questions. Why not get your child involved in the decision making process as well.  After all, you don’t want them to be kicking and screaming on your way there.  Have fun picking and choosing what’s right for your child and expose them to as many new opportunities.  Check out our open house schedules, perfect way to try out a class. 

In this September's issue of NJ Kids On the Go! along with our updated and expanded website, we present the new fall season’s activity smorgasbord.  Boy, I already smell fresh apple pies and hot cider.  We have farm picking fun and lots of fall festivals and outdoor activities.  What else?  Halloween's coming.  Look out for the spooky halloween events that will get posted shortly.  We’ll be cooking up a bunch of apple recipes too.  

Lastly, this September’s mom2mom column features an article reminding us of the tragic 911 event that occurred 10 years ago - yes it’s already a decade.  Let’s all take time out of our busy schedules to remember those that lost from it.  “Regardless of our daily challenges of the perfect schedule, perhaps this season we can reach out to a  ‘9/11 Mom’. Recognize that we are all blessed and that a new season allows for a new perspective on our lives and our roles as mothers”.  On that note, cherish these years with your child!  Enjoy them and grow with them!  It’s all good!

Best of luck in your back to school start!