For those families seeking a social skills for kids summer program, Speech and Hearing Associates is repeating its highly successful intensive summer social language skills program. This program will run during the summer months and will give children of all ages a foundation in Speech and Hearing Associates’ weekly Social/Pragmatic Language Skills Curriculum.

Social skills for kids this summer

The 10-day social skills for kids summer program consists of small groups of no more than five to six children led by a certified, licensed speech language pathologist. The focus of each session will vary based on group needs, but will address on an individual basis the specific areas of social/pragmatic weakness of each child. The participants will receive a social story every session to reinforce the specific topic that was targeted. Stories are great for carryover and generalization into everyday settings.

In addition to learning social/pragmatic language skills in a structured intervention, participants will then have the opportunity to use their skills as they participate in community-based activities. These activities will include group outings such as parks, ice cream parlors, and child friendly play environments during which time they will be encouraged to utilize social/pragmatic skills with their peers. Parents are present for all community based activities and are encouraged to participate and use clinician guided strategies and techniques to encourage appropriate social interactions.

This program is loved by parents and children and truly provides a great foundation in what social/pragmatic language skills therapy is all about.

Groups will be held:

  • August 17th – August 28th

  • Monday – Friday (5 days a week) in Westfield and Metuchen 

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday sessions will be held for one hour between 8 AM – 12 PM each day in our office. Tuesday and Thursday sessions will be a 2-hour community-based outing.

  •  View the application, and view frequently asked questions

  • The deadline for enrollment is Monday, July 27th.

  • Contact or call 800-742-7551 for more information or to enroll!

    121 South Euclid Avenue, Westfield, NJ