Summer is an important time of the year for all kids, and camp is one of the most amazing experiences a child can have. It’s a precious time for kids because they are finally outside the boundaries of the classroom, and depending on what camp you choose, your child can learn and grow, expand their interests, and go beyond their comfort zone. But, COVID-19 has put us in a whirlwind, and NJ Families do not even know what is facing them this summer!  It all depends!  

Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to flip through NJ KIDS' Ultimate Guide to Summer and research. Perhaps go to the camp website and find out what's the alternative social distancing solution to camp.  Contact them to find out what they are doing.  Many are planning fun activities, whether it is a remote, or an altered version.  

Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps 2020 --> 2021 (It all depends on COVID19!)

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INSIDE: sports | swim | traditional | travel | sleep-away | nature | stem | pre-college | for Grades Pre K - 12

Play is a powerful form of learning that contributes to a child’s healthy physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. Depending upon the camp you select for your child, he or she can grow leaps and bounds, just in one summer.

Browse through this camp guide to learn about the various camp programs.

This printed version of the Camp Guide is distributed before, during and after the annual NJ Camp Fairs, which attracts thousands of families throughout NJ. It's an annual comprehensive guide to camps.  You may also want to flip through the NJ KIDS ON the GO! monthly editions for a summer program in your local area.