Summer camp can be the best gift a child can have. You can choose a tradtional day camp which offers an array of outdoor activities, 
experiences and challenges, some surrounded by woods and lakes, or you can choose to fine tune skills with a special interest day camp offering a choice of specialized programs like art, drama, theater, sports, and academics, or maybe even getaway totally and decide on a sleepaway camp that lets one unplug, live in cabins or tents and connect with nature. Whatever you choose, your child can grow in so many different ways. They may begin to develop an appreciation for the outside world, expand their circle of friendships, learn and experiment new skill sets they never even imagined, and most of all, gain new confidence and independence. 

Flip through NJ KIDS' Ultimate Guide to Summer and research. Come to the camp fairs in January and February. Meet the directors and ask lots of questions. Contact them to find out which camp fairs they will be attending this upcoming winter 2024. 

Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps 2024

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INSIDE: sports | swim | traditional | travel | sleep-away | nature | stem | pre-college | for Grades Pre K - 12

Play is a powerful form of learning that contributes to a child’s healthy physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. Depending upon the camp you select for your child, he or she can grow leaps and bounds, just in one summer.

This printed version of the Camp Guide is distributed before, during and after the annual NJ Camp Fairs, which attracts thousands of families throughout NJ. It's an annual comprehensive guide to camps.  You may also want to flip through the NJ KIDS ON the GO! monthly editions for a summer program in your local area. 

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