This Program Meets Kids at Eye Level to Help Learning Take Off


We love the philosophy behind Eye Level: that successful learning happens at the eye level of the child. The example of an elementary school teacher who kneels down in front of paintings at a gallery the day before bringing his students to an exhibit, to make sure he sees the work the way they will, is the type of engaged teaching we all want for our children. Maybe that's why more than two and a half million children have participated in Eye Level's individualized supplemental math and English program across the globe. With 216 locations nationwide, more local families are discovering the confidence and self-directed learning habits that Eye Level programs can provide.

Eye Level's highly specialized curriculum is also designed to be tailored to each individual kid and uses a small-step learning approach paired with appropriate goals, so that students feel continued success week after week. There's plenty of time and space to master material before moving on to the next topic, which minimizes the frustration that comes with unpreparedness, and students are constantly challenged to apply learned skills to new concepts. Instructors have noted that when children begin the program, they are usually quick to ask for help tackling the questions they're given, but by the end, they have the confidence to brave obstacles head on, by applying what they've already learned.

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