Class Basket

Each class comes up with a theme, creates a basket filled with items and then raffle tickets are sold to win the baskets.

Art Keepsakes

What grandparent doesn’t love the gift of a mug or mouse pad with their adorable grandchildren
on the art item?

School Wide Garage Sale

$10 dollars for a spot on the lawn, then everyone sets up blankets or tables with garage sale items. Raise money and get rid of unwanted items!

Paving Stones

Celebrate the school’s birthday, a retiring teacher or any other event with a pathway filled with personalized paving stones

Plant Sale

Celebrate Mother’s Day or Teacher Appreciation Week with a plant and flower sale. 

M and C’s Reading Night

Come to school at night, dressed in your favorite PJs for some M and C’s (Milk and Cookies) and a few special readers – a principal, favorite teacher, town mayor….

And A few Off Site Suggestions….

Adult Social

Leave the kids at home and enjoy a night out with fellow parents. Go fancy – dinner at a catering hall with an auction – or go more low-key – rent out a bowling alley, go line dancing, plan a casino night…

Family Event

Invite the school to an amusement park or water park – charge a bit more for wristbands than the place charges you – many offer group sales to make it even more affordable

Minor League Baseball game

Good weather, good friends, good fun! You can even get a group of students on the field to sing the national anthem, or get the principal to throw out the first pitch.

Faculty Sport Games

What do kids love more than watching their teachers play a game of basketball or volleyball (they love it even more when they miss the shot!). Sell tickets to the game AND sell candy and other food!

Diners/Ice Cream/Pizza Places

Many hometown restaurants or ice cream stores will allow a school fundraiser – for all the ice cream sold between 6-8PM, the school gets a percentage of the sales. Additional fundraising powers – have teachers scooping ice cream, or pick a winner to have dinnerwith the principal at the diner.

And The Most Unorthodox Suggestion….

A ‘Don’t Come Event’!

No time, not enough volunteers? Print up an invitation to the most outlandish event that will never happen – let your imagination go wild. There’s still a charge, but no date, time or venue. May sound a bit…unusual, but sometimes people appreciate the opportunity to give towards something specific (and remember to tell them why you are having the non-event event), but there no need to secure (and pay) a babysitter, no new clothes, no rearranging schedules.