If you haven’t done these things yet, there’s still plenty of time.  You'll be amazed how good you'll feel psychologically, mentally and physically. We may be stuck in the house for another month, so trying these tips can boost your family's happiness.

Here are 10 ideas to declutter, destress and detox while stuck in the house

  1. Get rid of the clutter. Clutter creates negative energy. Try one room at a time, or do it on a project basis. Ie: clear one cubby, pantry, toy closet, garage. Set a timeframe to finish each. Remember how the house was before the kids? You’ll find that you really don’t need all that stuff. Plus dust is not good. 

  2. Try some "feng shui" to bring harmony and energy among your surroundings. This involves #1 above -clearing the clutter, a must. Moving your stuff in a better placement in the room, bringing in some plants and nature inside and outside your house (certain plants bring energy), organizing everything, and bringing more light into the house, are some basic feng shui principles.

  3. Eat healthier. Start up a recipe exchange with friends or neighbors, and experiment with new meals. Your kids may appreciate this especially since you’ve probably been cooking day and night, and they may be sick of your food, but won’t admit it. This is the time to introduce better ingredients for health. Expand the palette and get rid of those plain old chicken nuggets. 

  4. Start an organic vegetable garden. 

  5. Sleep longer. Instead of getting up with the alarm clock, don’t set it. Or if you do wake up, inhale, exhale, take in the moment and wake up ever so slowly...because you can.

  6. Destress by taking a daily couple walk, with your husband/wife. Great time to discuss what’s on your mine, review opinions on news, recap, be away from the kids, plan your grocery list. 

  7. Exercise. Dust off the bikes. A stroll around the neighborhood would be nice. Nothing crazy, but a light bike ride just to get some fresh air.

  8. Don’t rush. Enjoy the slower pace. There are definitely health benefits to eating slower for instance. Slowing the pace leads to better digestion, better hydration, easier weight loss or maintenance and greater satisfaction with meals. Simply stated, if you eat slower, chances are, you won't overeat. 

  9. Talk it out. Don’t keep bad feelings of guilt, anger or anxiety inside. If something is not working, make it a rule, to say, “hey, this isn’t working, let’s try something new”. Resentment isn't good. 

  10. Do deep breathing exercises, meditation and yoga. Yes, the whole family can do it!