Healing through sound is not a new concept

It has been a method of enhancing mental wellness since Ancient Greece. Shortly after, it was promoted through meditative chants by Taoist China and Buddhist India. Nowadays, some promote music to boost mood, increase productivity, ward off evil spirits, and even manifest wants and desires.

The effects of listening to your favorite tunes makes sense. Soak in a soft and slow piano solo and you might feel nostalgic. Take in a peppy pop song and you might be unable to resist boogying along with the melody while a smile appears on your face. We have all, most likely, put together our favorite playlists according to mood or motivation like a good cry or a powerful workout. At the time, we probably didn’t think twice about why certain songs influence us a certain way, but now, music has medical evidence as a powerful influence for our moods and behaviors. Scientists have discovered that music activates many regions of the human brain which is why music therapy can be so effective.

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Music Therapy

Once overlooked and mocked, music therapy research has recently concluded, with biofeedback proof, that it offers a significant impact on our biometrics like heart beats, brain waves, and sleep patterns, to name a few. This research has explored how a different sound, pitch, timber, rhythm, and so forth, affects distinct areas in our brain resulting in specific behaviors, emotions, and mental status.

With this new knowledge, music is now being reinvented scientifically to achieve specific wellness goals. This emerging trend is known as “Wellness Music”. These tunes are powered by science and artificial intelligence to create specific soundscapes resulting in distinct emotions and thoughts. Targeted goals might be for improved mental or physical states, or even subliminally as motivation to believe or behave a certain way to manifest a specific goal.

The science is still new. Research remains as to frequencies, decibels, and durations, however, much progress has been made to perfect results and reactions from specific tones, beats, and musical arrangements.

The potential for musical therapy is incredibly encouraging with ultimate objectives to treat pain, Parkinson’s, stroke, autism, dementia, PTSD, and more. In the meantime, it can surely help boost our mood when we need it, invigorate us to be more productive and active, or calm and soothe us when we are feeling stressed. The same benefits can occur with our children; so, next time the little one is feeling sad or nervous, uncomfortable, angry or stressed, find the appropriate wellness tune on youtube, spotify, pandora or itunes to assist in their quick recovery.

For now, enjoy these next few minutes of happiness and relaxing frequency wellness soundscapes.

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