A quarantine date night?  With kids everywhere, and at home 24/7?  Help! We know that parents everywhere all need some alone time. There can’t be all work and no play! While a date night may not be on the agenda, it’s much needed to maintain the sanity and stress levels. We welcome other creative parent date night ideas, however absurd or simple they are.

We’ve collected some ways to make an at-home (or around home) date night worth planning for. Some of these assume that you can leave the kids for a few hours. If you can’t, then alter accordingly so that it works around the kids’ schedules.

See if you can do most of these, if possible. We have time to kill...and you don't want to kill each other!  Rekindle and make the most of it. Brownie points for uniqueness.

Here are Date Night Ideas During the Covid-19 stay at home crisis: 

1. Drive in movie night in your minivan or SUV! Consider moving your date night out to the car for a quiet kid free evening. Schedule it ahead of time, so that you can plan and look forward to it. Plan a “drive in movie night” at home? Things to bring: pillow, blanket, favorite beverage, popcorn, candle to set the mood. If you don’t have a video / tv, an iPad to stream movies is so easy. Just park in your driveway and don’t drive if you’re having a cocktail.

2. Movie Night Under the Stars in your back yard, now that the warmer weather is here. Bring blanket, pillow, ipad to stream, drink and dessert. 

3.  Date night at your favorite restaurant. Order ahead, pickup, and dine out at their parking lot. Bring candle (battery operated) to set the mood for a romantic evening out. As you can see, those candles that sit collecting dust are now becoming “essential”. Do this once a week, and change up the restaurant. Some restaurants may have theme night specials. This also supports your local business. 

4.  Play hairdresser and cut each other's hair! At least if you mess up, he won't get too mad.  He definitely needs the haircut. 

5.  Cook a special dinner together. Select a favorite recipe. Or get sophisticated, and sign up for an online live cooking class. 

6.  5 o'clock Happy hour at home!  Mix some specialty cocktails. Set up a tasting night too, with hor d'oerves. Get fancy. 

7. Try a Paint and Sip night. Look for an online class, and follow along. 

8.  Stir it up and make it a fondue date night

9.  Consider battling it out in one of the Xbox war games. If you haven’t used it yet, just ask the kids to teach you. 

10.  Do a puzzle together. 1000 piece puzzle can last a while. Set it on a table that will be the puzzle table. Add wine and cheese, music and those candles again. This can make a relaxing evening.

11.  Date night around the neighborhood. Take long walks, and change the route. You can meet your neighbors along the way and get reacquainted as a couple again.

12.  Make a tik tok video together.

13.  Zoom in for a double date with another couple. Add in music, drinks, and dress up, makeup included. Set up times ahead and suggest a theme.

14.  Meditation or boxing?  Select a YouTube video to follow. Try a relaxation meditation right after dinner when it’s quiet.  Unless you need a punchier time, for the more active couple, try a boxing class. That may be fun too! 

15.  Start a fire outside in your fire pit and roast marshmallows. Snuggle up with a blanket and admire the stars.

16.  Take online ballroom dance classes.  Learn new steps. This will be a workout at the same time.

17.  Plan one or two dream vacations together. If you're not afraid to think forward one year, you may want to book tickets and take advantage of specials. Take a risk and go on an adventure. There's no better time than the present to plan ahead. 

18.  DIY project together. Challenge yourself to a home improvement project; or build something for your garage, closet or for storage; or fix something that is broken.

19. Watch a virtual broadway play! Or another classic. There’s so many that are free and accessible!

20. Watch a virtual concert! Or how about “concert under the stars” in your backyard. Bring the portable speaker and your cell.

21. Flip through old photos and reminisce your pre kid life.

22. Shoulder, foot, and back ... massage. Shoulder, foot and back...massage. Again with the candlelight.

23. Game date night. Take out your favorite board games.

24. Garden together!  Pick out a tree at your local gardening store or Home Depot/Lowes, pick out a good spot, dig the hole, plant it and name it together. That could last a day.

25. Play a sport together! It could be a tennis, golf, or racket. Golf courses are open, and public courses may have tennis courts open.

26.  Go hiking, biking and exploring. Parks are open as long as you follow the social distancing rules. Take a walk in the local county, or state park. Find a new trail. There are so many, you’ll be surprised at some new finds right in your neighborhood.  Or go biking around town and see who's opening up their store. You may find another great menu. 

27. Go for a spin in your car, and let your hair out on the highway. Guessing you seldom go out now, so maybe a drive to the beach, or a park, or around your neighborhood or even around town. Crank up the music. If you happen to have a convertible, take off the top. If not, open the sun roof, or just crank down the windows and take in the fresh air. Of course on a beautiful spring day. Now with so few cars on the road, it has become a pleasant no traffic and significantly less polluted drive.

28. Treat yourselves for a coffee hour break and go to the local Starbucks or Dunkin drive thru. Get out of the house. You need the breaks in the day. Schedule it in, and go together.

29. Lounge around out in your backyardand think, no work today! 

30. Sleep in. Breakfast in bed.

Cheers to a successful and productive date night! Email us with more ideas.