We hear plenty about weight loss, but what about those that need to gain some weight?  Believe it or not, sometimes weight gain can be as difficult!  In order to gain a pound of weight a week, you need to consume 500 calories more each day than your body burns.  IF you want to gain 2 pounds a week, then 1000 calories more a day.  There are some great websites and phone apps that you can use these days to help you track your calorie intake such as my fitness pal, tap and track, etc.  You can try the super tracker on choosemyplate.gov.

Here are some tips:

Eat foods that are higher in fat and deliver more calories, but be sure they are the healthy fats.   That means low in saturated fat and trans fats.  A good example would be peanut butter or nuts.

Choose foods with concentrated calories.  Dried fruits, cheese, nuts/sunflower seeds, olives, juice, trail mix, sports bars are good examples. You can also add things like dry milk powder to drinks and cream soups.

Eat more frequently.  Eat 5 – 6 smaller meals a day.  You don’t have to feel stuffed because you’ll be eating again soon.

Drink fluids after your meals.  You’ll save more room for food.

Don’t fill up on empty calorie food and drinks like diet sodas, coffee, tea and water.  Drink juice, milk and shakes for added calories.

Have a bedtime snack.  Cereal with milk, peanut butter and crackers or ½ sandwich and fruit, granola bar and yogurt, etc.

Add a shake or smoothie.  Try Carnation Instant Breakfast.

If you are an athlete, be sure you are getting enough high quality protein (meat, chicken, fish, eggs, etc.) and carbohydrates for energy (pasta, cereal, rolls, corn, potatoes, juice, dried fruits, etc.)  Consume about 500 calories right after a workout (about 1/3 from protein and 2/3 from carbohydrates).

Some information in this article was obtained from Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, 3rd edition.  Roberta Larson Duyff

Nutrition Tips for the Whole Family
Written by Tiffany Glenn, M.S., R.D.,L.D. Registered Dietitian
Good health is important from the inside out. Learn more about how Tiffany nourishes her body from the outside by checking out her website at www.tiffanyglenn.com Tiffany lives in Lorena with her husband Tim, son age 17 and daughters’ ages 11 and 15.