For most people, the home is a sanctuary where you can escape germs from others, pollen and other allergens, and exposure to unsafe conditions. However, your home may just be making you and your family sick without your knowledge. There are many items and locations in your home that could be contributing to allergies or worse health concerns. If you believe your home may be making you, your significant other, or your kids sick, here is a little information on what you can do about it.

Dust Mites are the Most Common Indoor Allergen

Dust mites are in everyone’s homes. It is not possible to completely rid your home of dust mites. However, when your home accumulates too many, you can begin experiencing allergy symptoms as a result.

To prevent dust mites, you should be regularly washing fabrics, vacuuming the carpets, and keeping your mattress and pillows securely covered with bedding. Older mattresses may need to be replaced as they are hotspots for dust mites as they thrive on your body heat and humidity. Your bathroom mat can pose a huge risk as it remains in a damp, warm climate and likely is not washed frequently enough.

Mold is a Major Issue in Many Homes

You may think that because your home is clean, you are not at risk for mold. However, the invisible places in your home could be harboring these growths. Air ducts are common locations for mold growth. The process of keeping your home cool leaves moisture in the vents, allowing mold to form. As they conduct air, the spores are pushed through your home and can cause negative symptoms. Mold can also be found near leaky plumbing and in your bathroom.

The best way to prevent mold is to dry wet areas thoroughly, clean your bathroom regularly, and have your plumbing and ducts checked by a professional. An annual cleaning of your air ducts is recommended.

Unsafe Household Products are Alarmingly Popular

If you look through your household products, the odds are that many of them could be damaging to your health. Nonstick pans, for example, have been found to cause organ failure and cancer. Air fresheners could be attacking your respiratory system. Your favorite cleaners could contain toxic chemicals. There are many dangerous household products that are skilled at hiding their effects.

Research is necessary before purchasing a household product. Companies will use buzzwords that make their products sound good, but in reality, some “green” cleaners are actually worse for you. It can be overwhelming to contemplate tossing all your household products but, in the long run, you are protecting both your health and the well-being of the planet. A handy tool for checking out a new product is the Think Dirty app which scans a household item and rates its eco-friendliness and effect on people.

To keep your home truly safe, you must devote yourself to research. It is critical that you understand how to maintain your home’s cleanliness and eco-friendliness by turning a critical eye to cleaners, products, and problem areas in your home. By simply investing in better cleaners, hiring a professional to clean your air ducts, and tossing a few things in the washer, you could eradicate a number of symptoms produced by hidden dangers lurking in and around your home.