As soon-to-be parents know all too well, setting up a nursery can be an exciting, overwhelming and expensive process. From selecting the crib and decorating theme to stocking the changing table and pre-washing those adorable little onesies, there is no shortage of things to buy and do for that new addition to your family.

Thanks to current technology, there are new tools to help you with your new baby. For worried new parents, a baby monitor is a must. But, rather than spending money on a dedicated baby monitor, consider using a tablet and baby-monitoring apps instead. The following are just three useful apps for your new baby:


The Dormi app transforms your tablet into an effective baby monitor that can provide you with peace of mind when you bring home your new baby. The app, which costs about $1 a month for unlimited monitoring, allows you to connect several tablets together, which means you and your partner can keep tabs on your infant from different parts of the house. Dormi picks up on any cries or coos your baby makes and alerts you on your tablet. As a major bonus, you can use the talk button feature to soothe your infant as you walk towards the nursery. And, if for some reason the Dormi device loses its signal, your tablet will let you know.

My Baby Monitor

The My Baby Monitor app uses any two devices in your home to keep audio and visual tabs on your infant. The Wi-Fi based app even lets parents test it out for 10 minutes before asking them to pay for it. This will allow you to see if this app works well for you and your household before paying the in-app upgrade of $3.99. In addition to working as a fully-functional baby monitor, the app features white noise functions that can help to soothe your fussy baby; selections include ultrasound and car ride noises, which seem to magically calm down tired little ones. Plus, as a cute touch, you can also personalize the app’s interface by adding your kiddo’s adorable face on the screens.

Baby Monitor 3G

For $3.99, the Baby Monitor 3G app lets you turn any two tablets into a baby monitor. You can hear, see and soothe your baby from any room in your house as long as you have an Internet connection. Unlike traditional baby monitors that often pick up a lot of interference or have a weak signal, this app does a great job of maintaining its clear connection. The app’s innovative “voice booster” can help you hear every noise coming from your baby’s nursery, and its vibration alarm can help you know when your little one has awakened from his or her nap, even if there are other loud noises in the house.

No matter which app you choose, using your tablet as a baby monitor can help you save money on a tool you can only use for a short period of time.