Offering the best academic & creative programs for K through 8th grade!

 Early bird registration - take 30% off camp if registered by March 31, 2021.

Students have the opportunity to attend VSA Future’s 2021 summer programs, conveniently, online, through their secure Zoom platform and interactive learning software. With offerings from intensive academics to fun creatives, each class is tailored by grade level as well as each student’s specific strengths and needs, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to become “independent thinkers and thoughtful learners, ready to tackle the world.” Mondays through Thursdays, campers begin with a gym class to get their blood pumping and their brains ready to learn the ins & outs of language arts, writing, math and public speaking, while Fridays are reserved for Fun with Science, Global Speech Series, Chess & Art.

Camps are offered on a weekly basis for June 28 to August 20, 2021 programming. Camp days are from 9am to noon EST and classes may include:

GYM: stretches, dance, yoga, and calisthenic exercises
LANGUAGE ARTS: reading & writing, essays, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary
MATH: problem solving, data analysis, foundational principles & core concepts
PUBLIC SPEAKING: voice projection, fluency, articulation, presence
GLOBAL SPEECH: discussions about real world issues (level appropriate)
SCIENCE: theories, discoveries, environments, explorations, experiments
CHESS: beginner to advanced lessons and games
ARTS & CRAFTS: drawings, poems, creative activities

Take advantage of this great, virtual program to eliminate the “summer slide” and enhance your child’s summer learning adventure.

For further information on any of VSA Future’s offerings or to register for their summer opportunities, please contact them directly at: