Royal Children's Productions main goal is to spread positive and uplifting messages for all the children.

Miss Miriam wants to instill caring, kindness for ourselves,others and The Planet.  5% of all proceeds will go to The Center for Special Needs Inc. helping the special needs population through Yoga.  The Royal Children’s Show will often go on-location to featured events and businesses in and around New York and New Jersey. We will also feature children worldwide to garner a viewing audience internationally.  The half-hour program will be filled with positive images and messages, and creative and fun learning experiences. 


Miriam combines her love of music and children in a wonderfully intimate and interactive concert setting.  Featuring songs from her acclaimed, best-selling CD, Children of The Light, Miriam – herself a mother with two grown children – uses her self-taught talents on the guitar in performing wonderfully uplifting songs featuring positive messages for children in front of appreciative audiences. Dancing and singing along is actively encouraged!

To quote Miriam, “It’s all about the children. Through my music and these concerts, my only passion is to uplift them to feel the love in their heart, to take care of others, and to care for the planet.” The primary children’s age group for these concerts is two to eight, but she has also held concerts at nursing homes, children’s camps, and other facilities.


Royal Children's Productions

14 Cynthia Drive, Succasunna, NJ 07876