Hoops There It Is Basketball - Family-Friendly Sports Program

We believe it is time for change in youth sports programs. Your child can attend our coed camps/clinics and come home very happy AND players improve daily with help of hand-written personalized progress reports. Our travel team does NOT cut players and teaches the sport in a way to build understanding, discipline and skills.  ALL our students will eventually excel, in time. Our coaching staff and team’s parents are respectful and well-behaved and make you proud to be a part of our program. That is Hoops There It Is basketball!

We are becoming the true leaders in the youth sports programming. Hoops There It Is was born/created in 2006 by a certified teacher who has since graduated with honors in a master degree program in Educational Leadership. Our major purpose is to be the best we can be every day for your family!  Your child becomes our child, once in our program.

We wanted to create a true family-friendly sports program where children of all ages (5 years - college) could learn the game the right way based upon my school teaching/coaching experience.  We launched our program with 58 families in 2006 summer camp and we now coach almost 700 families annually.  I am involved with every single child!!  We are really in the business of building confidence and focus in each child.  We operate coed summer camps, year round coed clinics and a travel program for boys and girls, 1st  grade - high school. Trust our process and see your child soar in hoops, but more importantly in life!

John McGuire
President of Hoops There It Is Basketball
Register at www.hoopsthereitis.net email sportsthereitis@gmail.com Call 908.370.7960