Do you want to learn from the best Model United Nations's coach from Ivy League Colleges?

Join Princeton Learning Experience's (PLE) online summer Model United Nation (MUN) program and make progress on this leadership program. PLE offers an innovative and engaging MUN program to help High School and Middle School students gain valuable skills and knowledge in diplomacy, international relations, and public speaking. With over 15 years of experience, PLE has helped thousands of students from around the world explore the world of diplomacy and international affairs.

What does PLE's Summer Program offer?

PLE offers quality education and experience with top Ivy League College Coaches. Students learn how to think critically and express their ideas in public forums. Through their MUN program, students are able to gain the skills necessary to become effective representatives of their countries and communities. Through engaging simulations, speeches, debates, and conferences, students learn how to negotiate, compromise, and collaborate in order to create meaningful solutions to global issues.

In order to provide students with the best learning experience possible, PLE has a variety of offerings. These include intensive NASA, STEM and Astronomy Programs, the PLE Summer Model United Nations Program and the PLE International Model United Nations Program to name a few. All classes are offered online through Zoom, allowing exposure for all students with top educators from all over the world. As a result, students therefore learn from and have access to some of the most experienced, top college professionals who have extensive experience in the fields of diplomacy, international relations, public speaking, and more. In addition, PLE provides mentorship and support for each student. This includes providing personalized guidance and feedback, as well as access to a wide range of resources and materials. Many of their MUN program students have been accepted by top Universities.

What is Model UN?

Model United Nations is a popular leadership development program among High Schoolers and Middle schoolers. Model UN is an opportunity for students to simulate the United Nations at school. It’s like a form of debate, but rather than arguing about niche topics, Model UN focuses on coming up with solutions to real-life problems the world faces.

Whether you are looking to gain insight into international affairs or just want to sharpen your public speaking and diplomatic skills, the Princeton Learning Experience Programs might be the perfect opportunity for you. Learn more at