Teaching The Art Of Self Defense - For Kids 

At Englewood KravMaga our kids classes are designed to teach not only the defensive techniques that a child may use if they are put in a dangerous situation, but we also teach children to be aware of their environment, and more importantly, to be able to recognize when and how to remove themselves from a bad or uncomfortable situation before they need to become physical.

We teach our students to always attempt to get out of a potentially dangerous situation by walking away and going to a parent or teacher as the first step when possible, and that resorting to physically defending themselves should always come last. Our students are taught when, and under what circumstances they are allowed to use what they learn in our classes and on whom - practicing techniques on siblings or friends is never acceptable.

Our Head Instructor, Juan Berrios, has been training children in self-defense and physical fitness for over a dozen years and encourages all of his students to achieve their full potential by providing expert training in a safe and structured environment that is open to all.

We provide classes for children as young as 3 years and focus on building concentration, listening skills, discipline and physical fitness. Our classes for children ages 6-12 years cover all of the same self-defense techniques as adult Krav Maga classes but at a more kid-friendly pace.

As children learn Krav Maga, they gain a high level of discipline, respect for self and others, the ability to focus and the self-confidence to act. Often parents comment on the changes that they see in their children - particularly in how it affects their school work and behavior with other kids.

A Krav Maga Federation Affiliate
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