There are so many choices these days when it comes to planning a fun, memorable birthday party for your child. The kids birthday party industry is booming and with so many choices these days, it’s sometimes hard to know what direction to go. One of the most popular, fun and healthy ways to celebrate is to host a sports-themed party.

Keeping kids active is important and sports-themed parties allow kids to burn off excess energy and get some much needed exercise at the same time. Even if some of your guests aren’t necessarily the sporty types, there are activities you can choose and things you can do to make everyone feel like a winner.

Invitations can be made to look like tickets to a sporting event. Decorations can easily be purchased in party stores or online retailers. Keeping with the theme, party favors can be whiffle ball bats, soccer balls or pens/pencils with the logo of your favorite team. You can even ask the kids to come dressed as their favorite sports star. Activities can include fan favorites like dodgeball, kickball, soccer or even relay races or an obstacle course.

These parties are often held at inside sports facilities where professional party hosts take care of everything and weather is never an issue. You get to relax and be a guest at your own party. PS2 Athletic Facility is the perfect place for a sports-themed party in NJ. Conveniently located in Wayne, they are close to all major highways and offer a fun, clean, family friendly environment for your child’s special day. They can be reached at 973-689-7700 or by email: Check their website for all their program offerings: