So many bullying incidences happen on the school bus every day that we need to help our children know what acceptable and unacceptable behaviors are on the bus. Teaching our children how to be safe on the bus is really about helping them learn to be kind, respectful, and considerate of those riding with them.

Let’s first address whether your child may be having a problem on the bus. Some things to look for include a fear of riding the bus, and of going to school. Repeatedly asking for rides to school is another indicator that they might be bullied. If they try to delay their morning routine so they miss they bus, there could be a problem. Beware of signs of physical abuse, missing books, backpack, etc., or maybe torn clothes. Ask them what is going on. Get help for them from the driver or school authorities.

Children will be safer on the bus when following some simple rules. They must remember to stay outside the 10 foot danger area around the bus. They should respect and listen to the driver. No pushing, shoving, or running on the bus. Teasing, ignoring, staring at, or excluding someone are all behaviors that lead to bullying. Staying seated and not throwing things out the windows assure a safe ride. Demonstrating good manners on the bus helps keep everyone safe. Reinforce the idea that good manners are “cool,” and help stop the bullies.  Encourage your kids to be “Bus Bully Busters.”

Written by Barbara Gilmour.  (C) Cool Kind Kid