Virtual Science Web Series for kids in NJ

Presented by Rutgers Geology Museum: The "Ask A Geologist" webinar will be held twice a week for the duration of the self-isolation period to help provide parents and educators with some exciting geology and science content. We hope to engage children and answer their questions! Like all of our events, this virtual event is completely FREE! During each event, our geologist will first introduce the day's geologic topic and then answer your questions about it! Events are primarily aimed at elementary and middle school aged children, but all ages are welcome to join and learn something new!

Learn about exciting Science topics: Volcanoes, Rock Chemistry, Formation of the Earth, Plate Tectonics, The Atmosphere and more!

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Find updates about upcoming Rutgers Geology Museum NJ events, including details on how to submit questions to our geologists will be posted on our social media sites.

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