Organizing playdates in the summer is easy! Invite some friends over, throw some snacks on the table while the kids are playing in the backyard and you’ve got yourself a successful summer playdate! As a mom, I cringe as winter approaches because the same rules don’t apply to cold weather playdates. Not having plans when my kids have no school can be maddening.

If you have kids like mine, they wake up and within minutes they are fighting over something. It is in that moment that I start sending my “S.O.S.” texts to friends, begging, “What are we doing with our kids today?” Inevitably, someone will suggest an inside playdate. I don’t know about you, but I hate offering my home up to a large playdate in the winter because we all have that one friend whose kids will destroy your house and then leave before cleaning up. And typically, this type of activity is never organized enough and being cooped up inside leads to arguing and discontent amongst the mass of kids.

When we were kids, our parents made us go outside to play, even in the winter. As usual, our mothers were right about this, too!! Spending time outside, even in the winter, has so many health benefits to our kids, not to mention it reduces Mom’s stress levels too. After a playdate, we want our kids to be tired so they go to bed at a reasonable time and get a good night’s sleep. And we know that playing video games or watching TV with friends is not the answer!

I know what you’re thinking, organizing outdoor fun can be hard, complicated… even exhausting. It doesn’t have to be. Send your “S.O.S.” text out and tell your friends to meet you at Shawnee Mountain where you can ski or snowboard for a couple hours, have lunch and then maybe squeeze in a snow tubing session in the afternoon. Speaking of lunch, if your kids are like mine and love to eat, don’t forget to add discounted lunch vouchers. Yes, Shawnee even made lunch, easy! After a day on the mountain, I guarantee your kids will sleep like babies and you will too!

Planning ahead makes your deal even sweeter. Get 15 or more of your friends and their kids together to ski or snowboard and not only can you save up to 40% off retail rates, but you can also get a free lift ticket for yourself! Not a bad reward for organizing your group trip! So look at the calendar for the next teacher in-service day and start planning a group trip to Shawnee Mountain today.  More details on group outings can be found here.