Northlandz should be on your list of things to do for the entire family, open all four seasons.

Welcome to Northlandz, a unique hidden gem located in Flemington, NJ. If your child loves trains, this unique train attraction offers excitement and endless surprises for enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike, and appropriate for all ages. In just over an hour from NYC and PA, it's conveniently located in Central Jersey. 

Did you know that Northlandz is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the World’s Largest Model Railroad? The 16-acre world-class attraction is a museum of art, music, and doll displays too. Walk through a self guided tour and be mesmerized by tracks and tracks and replicas of cities, buildings and miniature scenery as you follow the trains chugging through tunnels and up and down valleys. But it's not just all about trains. Explore a 94-room Doll mansion, La Peep Doll House, as well as a 2,000 pipe theatre pipe organ, and fine art galleries throughout. Northlandz also boasts the largest play land for kids (and those young at heart!). Enjoy a stage, piano, organs, ping pong and table games, large legos and toy horses you can actually ride on, as well as small electric cars. 

Kids can go on a train ride too! There is an 1890’s replica narrow gauge steam FULL-SIZE TRAIN. You can start your tour of Northlandz by riding the outside train or after you finish the tour indoors. The train runs on a real track and is pulled by a replica of a steam engine. The train passes through beautiful natural wooded landscapes, it also goes through a 150 ft. long tunnel, along with breathtaking views of the Raritan River, and goes over a curved bridge. The train chugs along for a 30 minutes ride. Separate train ticket required. Please note that the train ride is only available on weekends. 

For those with sensory sensitivity, they offer an area to relax with dim lighting and comfortable furniture. It's a special place for all to enjoy at your leisure.

NORTHLANDZ is still fun and SAFE place to visit even during covid19.  Strict guidelines for covid are in place; all guests are temperature checked and masks must be worn during the entire tour. Since it's a one way self-guided tour from start to finish, this makes it naturally covid safe because guests never have to face anyone coming from the opposite direction.  With a capacity of more than 2500 people, there is a lot of space for guests to socially distance away from others. They sanitize regularly and have sanitizers placed throughout the tour. 

This wonderland is open Saturday - Sunday & Holidays from 10am to 6pm. Call 908-782-4022 or book your reservations online. Buy tickets for a one day, annual pass, membership or group tickets. Scout groups and campers welcome. Birthday parties are available too. Locatedat 495 US-202, Flemington, NJ 08822