Hair Lice Treatment for Kids 

New business offers Bergen County communities services that is welcomed by all.  Heads Above Lice Treatment Center located in Harrington Park, NJ is a brand new facility offering the surrounding communities lice removal services.

What are Super Lice?

Nit pickers have been around for decades but until the past several years the term ‘Super Lice’ has never been heard.  Super lice are head lice that have genetically mutated to become resistant to the active ingredients in some traditional lice treatment products. They do not look any different from regular lice. They can only be identified by their resistance to traditional lice treatments. Heads Above Lice Treatment Center officially opened its doors in September just in time for back to school when a lice outbreak is notoriously a problem.  The goal at Heads Above is combating super lice in a traditional way, strand by stand.  People today are super busy to combat super lice until an outbreak occurs and everyone is frantic.  Heads Above takes the stress out of delousing the problem in several ways, first they work directly with school nurses in assisting with head checks and referrals when parents are looking for answers within their communities, secondly, technicians are knowledgeable providing useful information for caregivers when outbreaks occur. 

Heads Above can be reached at anytime, they offer a one week guarantee period of a free re-check after a treatment has been completed.  Heads Above owners are moms who are compassionate and caring in the services they offer.  They are here to stay with a focus of getting their business services to those who need help in a pinch.   

Call Maria and Theresa at 201-784-2255 and they respond fast.

Heads Above Lice Treatment Center

68 Schraalenburg Road, Harrington Road, NJ.