A seriously fun learning center, L3 Academy offers much more than most after school and enrichment programs.

From birthday parties to fun, hands-on learning, L3 Academy offers creative programs for insatiably curi-ous children as well as those who just love to touch things “to see what happens.” A seriously fun learning center in downtown Montclair, L3 Academy leverages a child’s natural curiosity with hands-on educational programs that go beyond traditional enrich-ment programs. We offer STEM classes, workshops, camps and parties through-out the year.

Birthday Parties: L3 Academy provides fantastically fun-filled and sometimes explosive parties for children ages 5 to 12. Our birthday parties are hands-on fun from building LEGO® robotics to making slime or glow-in-the-dark surprises. We are focused on making your child’s birthday memorable and super fun. Our party leaders have just as much fun as the kids and it shows.

We offer fun STEM PARTIES & more:


  • LEGO® Robotics
  • LEGO® Star Wars and Space Travel
  • Colorful Chemistry
  • Super Science
  • CSI/Crime Lab
  • Jr. Engineers
  • Harry Potter Potions Party, and more!!!


From summer to holiday camps, L3 Academy provides a place where kids can thrive, make new discoveries and truly satisfy their thirst for knowledge.


Hands-on learning is the way to go! L3 Academy offers a multitude of pro-grams including:

  • Chess
  • Coding Academy (programming)
  • Early Simple Machines
  • Engineer’s Workshop(s)
  • Super Science including grossology and dissection
  • Finance & Entrepreneurship
  • I Love Math
  • LEGO® Robotics
  • Minecraft
  • L3 Robotics Club
  • Shark Tank Jr.
  • Stock Wizards
  • Competitive Robotics Programs

L3 Academy - Laughter and learning mix together L3 kids learn while having fun.

1 Greenwood Ave, Montclair, NJ
973-783-8333 | birthday@L3-Academy.com | L3-Academy.com

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