I often hear people say, “We’ve got to start eating healthier.”  My question would be, “Do you know how to start?”

The other day I ran across this list that suggests healthy choices to make at the grocery store.  It is from the very informative book, The Family Guide to Fighting Fat from Texas Children’s Hospital.  It suggests that 8 out of every 10 items should be from the healthy list.

Healthy Item

Limit or Avoid

Milk and Dairy

Low fat or skim milk

Low fat cheese (mozzarella, ricotta) and yogurt

Whole Milk

High fat cheese


Meat and Protein

Beef:  90% lean ground beef, round steak or roast

Pork:  Canadian bacon, well trimmed ham, loin rib, chop or roast

Fish or shellfist:  all fresh or frozen, unbreaded, canned tuna tuna or salmon in water

Poultry:  chicken or turkey, no skin

Luncheon meats:  97% or higher fat free sliced meats or hot dogs

Eggs:  whites are unlimited but limit yolks and egg substitutes

Nut butters:  natural peanut, almond or cashew reduced fat peanut butter

Meat with visible fat

Ground been with more than 10% fat


Regular hot dogs

High fat lunch meats like bologna


Fried fish or shellfist

Fried Chicken

Chicken or turkey with skin

Limit processed nut butters

Breads, cereals, grains

100% whole wheat sliced breads, rolls

Reduced fat whole grain crackers

Wheat, corn, oat or other whole grain cereals with low added sugar

Whole wheat pasta

Brown rice

Air popped popcorn

Corn tortillas




Sweet rolls

Presweetened cereals

Regular chips

High fat crackers

Regular pasta

Fried Rice

Flour tortillas


All fresh vegetables

All canned or frozen except those with added sauces or fat

100% vegetable juices

Vegetables with added fat like bacon, cream sauces or cheese

Fried vegetables

Starchy Vegetables


Sweet potatoes

Winter squash


Dried beans, peas


Limit white potatoes, especially French fries.

Creamed corn

Beans with added fat

Fruits and Juices

All fresh fruits

Canned fruits in juice

100% fruit juice

Fruit pies

Canned fruit in syrup

Sweetened or artificial juice drinks


Desserts (in moderation)

Angel Food Cake

Ice Milk

Low fat frozen yogurt

Pudding made with skim milk

Reduced fat cookies

Cake or cupcakes

Ice cream




Oil – canola, corn, olive, soybean

Margarine – soft tub or liquid




Lard or shortening

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Written by Tiffany Glenn, M.S., R.D.,L.D. Registered Dietitian