A significant difference among camps often is their philosophy regarding competition.  You will want to choose a program that matches your child's temperament and goals.  Consider these factors:

  • The camp director should be able to describe the camp's competitive philosophy and practices.  You can compare this to your child's needs.
  • There's no "right" or "wrong".  Camps that are very competitive have well-grounded reasons for their philosophy.  Likewise, camps with low levels of competition have a solid philosophy.
  • It's about more than color war.  While having a color war activity, or not, can be one indication of the camp's level of competition, camp is much more than this.  Ask about the camp's culture of competition as it relates to sports and arts; even how counselors are trained to interact with their bunk/cabin groups during "down times".
  • Don't confuse competition with instruction.  Good activity skill instruction, along with high level athletic play, can take place in all types of camps.
  • Ask a parent.  Speak with an experienced camp parent who has a child similar to yours.  They can help verify what type of competitive outlook prevails at the camp.


We provide skill instruction in all of our activities.  Everyone can be a "winner" because everyone can improve and excel.  While we do have friendly tournaments and competitions, we are as likely to celebrate each person's accomplishments as we are to cheer about the score.  A lower level of competition does not mean a lower level of achievement.
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