FTC Kids is an 8,000 sq ft holistic empowerment center in Little Falls NJ that offers services including occupational, physical, speech therapies in addition to ABA and school services while serving as a hub for dissemination of alternative healing and meditative practices. We offer children, their families, professionals, and our employees the best possible experience by coming together and working cooperatively for the greater good of all while serving and giving back to the community through various non-profit organizations.

Our goal is to ensure each child, family, and caregiver have access to the best tools and resources available as they embark on their own unique journey. More than anything, we strive to help kids living with differing abilities: ASD, Sensory Processing Disorders, Emotional and Behavioral Concerns, ADD/ADHD, and Learning Disabilities, along with children who display highly intuitive personalities, extreme sensitivities, and those with big emotions.

Our therapists teach children how to successfully interact and explore their surroundings while enjoying themselves. It might look like playtime – and that’s because it is! At FTC, your kid has Fun That Counts!