Ever Wonder? Quick Answers to Some Nutrition Questions!

Can eating chocolate cause acne?  This is a common misconception.  Hormonal changes are linked to teenage acne, rarely food choices.  The best approach to healthy skin is to eat healthy, keep skin clean and get enough rest.

Are presweetened cereals more cavity promoting than unsweetened cereals?  Carbohydrates in both starches and sugars “nourish” bacteria that promote tooth decay.  Whether or not they’re presweetened, their cavity factor depends on how long cereals stick between teeth or in crevices in molars.  Although not a dental issue, presweetened cereals often have more calories and don’t provide the fiber than unsweetened cereals often provide. 

Do bleeding gums mean you are not getting enough Vitamin C?  It’s not likely unless you a have a deficiency.  Most cases of bleeding gums is poor oral hygiene.

What is the difference between “enriched” and “fortified”?  Both mean that vitamins for minerals were added to make a food more nutritious.  Enriched means adding back nutrients that were lost during processing.  Fortified means adding nutrients that weren’t present originally.

How many carrots do you need to eat to meet your day’s need for Vitamin A?  You need a handful a day to meet your daily needs.

How does frozen custard differ from ice cream?  It’s about the same.  The only difference is that more egg yolks are used in custard.

Are dry roasted nuts are lower in fat than oil-roasted nuts?  They have about the same amount per ounce.  Nuts don’t absorb much oil when they’re roasted. The fat comes from the nuts themselves.  They are also a good source and provide fiber.

Does sugar cause hyperactivity?  Sugar has been wrongly accused as a cause of hyperactivity.  Even though no scientific evidence supports the link between the intake of sugar and hyperactivity, many parents and caregivers seem reluctant to put this notion aside.

Why do you feel thirsty after eating salty food?  Salt is made of two minerals:  Sodium and chloride.  When you eat salty foods, your body uses water to flush extra sodium away.  With water loss, you feel thirsty and you likely drink more.

Information in this article was obtained from Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, 3rd edition.  Roberta Larson Duyff

Nutrition Tips for the Whole Family
Written by Tiffany Glenn, M.S., R.D.,L.D. Registered Dietitian
Good health is important from the inside out. Learn more about how Tiffany nourishes her body from the outside by checking out her website at www.tiffanyglenn.com Tiffany lives in Lorena with her husband Tim, son age 17 and daughters’ ages 11 and 15.