Does your home need a little updating? Have the kids help out. From a fresh coat of paint to a laundry room redo, your children can join the DIY party with these home improvement projects:

Paint Party

One of the easiest ways to update your home is with a fresh coat of paint. This DIY improvement project is not only kid-friendly, it’s also a lot of fun for the entire family. Before you begin, be sure to remove all furniture from the space and lay out a protective covering to keep your floor paint-free. Then outfit each of your kids with a paint roller and watch them work. Of course, you’ll be responsible for the window and door edges.

If you have older kids, consider allowing them to paint their own rooms. Give them the freedom to choose their favorite color and let them take on the project. Even if you’re not crazy about the color, just remember, it’s an easy fix that can always be painted over.

Give Your Laundry Room a Makeover

Your kids will love helping you giving your laundry room a face lift. Check out these laundry room remodel ideas on Pinterest for some inspiration. Have them clean and clear the floor area, and if the floor is in really bad shape, you can paint it with porch floor paint. Get a few bright accent rugs and sheer curtains, and visit a container store to turn it into an organized cleanup command center.

If you're due to replace your washer or dryer, now is the perfect time to do so, while you're updating the space. Just make sure to add a home warranty, too, so you're covered for any repair or replacement costs.

Grow a Garden

By gardening with your children, you can instill a lifelong passion for plants. You'll also be showing them how plants grow while teaching them how to care for something that needs plenty of water, sunlight and love. Plus, what curious kid doesn’t like to get out and play in the dirt?

There are a handful of ways to plant a backyard garden. However, if you’ve got an empty sandbox that your kids have outgrown, consider planting your family garden in that space. Just make sure your sandbox gets plenty of daytime sunlight. Some of the best seeds to plant are sunflowers and cherry tomatoes as these plants are easy for kids to grow and are fun to harvest.

Basement Boost

If you’ve got an unfinished basement, you’re losing out on valuable space. Whether you want to transform the basement space into an extra entertaining area, a fun playroom for the kids, a media center fit with a big screen television or a teenager’s bedroom, finishing up that basement should be at the top of your to-do list. Why? According to the home experts from HGTV, refurbishing the basement in your house can add value to your home.

Before beginning your DIY basement project, make sure that your basement space is free of any moisture or water, check the building codes and properly insulate the walls. After you’ve finished up all of the hard work, have your kids help to decorate the newfound space.