After a long day at school, kids rarely want to go home and do more homework. And when kids have a sports and extracurricular activities, there is even less time to get all of the studying and homework done. These apps can help kids stay organized and energized while they practice the concepts they're learning in the classroom, even on the go!

Elementary School:

Squeebles Maths Race - Students can challenge either a friend or the computer to a competition while practicing the four basic math skills. $1.99, iTunes, $2.49, Google Play.

Vocabulary Spelling City - Use any word list on Vocabulary Spelling City to spell and learn new words with a number of different fun in-app games and activities. Free, iTunes and Google Play.

Stack The States' - Get your child interested in learning facts about the United States with Stack the States' fun games and interactive map. $1.99, iTunes and Google Play.

Kid Weather - Helps your child understand the weather with fun facts and trivia. It also helps them plan how to dress to accommodate changes in the weather. $1.99, iTunes and Google Play.

Middle School:

Middle School Vocabulary 7th Grade - Help your child boost his vocabulary and excel in English. Free, iTunes.

The Khan Academy - Provides access to thousands of videos on math, science and humanities concepts that can help students reinforce the skills they learn throughout the school year. Free, iTunes.

The Science Bear - Helps students review basic concepts from physical science class with a combination of trivia questions and videos. Free, iTunes.

myHomework Student Planner ​- Middle school becomes an important time to learn how to manage multiple responsibilities. myHomework Student Planner helps students keep assignments and schedules organized. Free, iTunes and Google Play.

inClass - This app is great for kids with messy handwriting. It has digital note-taking including video, audio and photo notes. Free, iTunes.

High School:

SelfControl - Allows teenagers to set a lockout times on all of their social media accounts so they won't be tempted to check in while they study. Free,

SAT Up - Studying for the SATs can be a big challenge for many high school students. SAT Up gives users daily exercises and practice questions to get ready for the big test. Free, iTunes.

Duolingo - Help your child learn a new language or polish her skills with short lessons and exercises on Duolingo. Free, iTunes and Google Play.

StudyBlue - Create and share digital notecards on StudyBlue to prep for exams. Free, iTunes and Google Play.

SimpleMind - A Mind Mapping tool that turns your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into  a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device. Free, iTunes.

Quizlet - With Quizlet, you can create your own study sets, track your study progress, and compete with your friends. Free, iTunes and Google Play.