Does your child pester you about doing work around the house to earn a few extra bucks? Even toddlers get a little kick in their step when you toss them a few coins. Around the age of thirteen, teens have an urge to earn money for themselves, especially if you do not supply them with an allowance. Regulations do not permit children so young to work… so how is this possible? Keep reading to discover the choices kids have to work independently and learn a sense of responsibility.

As they get older, there are things your son or daughter will want and need to buy for themselves. Also, helping them pursue this initiative will teach them the value of money, and keep them from burning a hole in your pocket! Win, win! Whether it is clothes, the latest video game, or a ticket for the movies on a Friday night out with their friends... ease their frustration and suggest these rewarding jobs!


Be sure your child is serious about this commitment and aware of what he or she is accountable for when signing up for the job. Training courses are offered by a variety of places. Click the link provided to find a class in your area. On top of professional training to ensure the health and care of the client, be sure to learn more about them as well. Assist your teen in finding a safe family to work for. For example: family/ work friends, relatives, or close neighbors. Babysitting requires a great amount of trust and responsibility and in most cases offers a great payment in return!

Find Classes: Red Cross CPR Training

Help Senior Citizens

This is a job that has been around for quite some time. There are always older people who are willing to pay young, strong and willing kids to complete jobs that they are no longer capable of doing. For example: buying groceries, feeding pets, watering pants, and/ or mowing their lawn. Make a friendly call or casual visit to senior citizens nearby offering your services. I'm sure they’ll be pleased to see a new young and cheerful face. Worth a shot!

Dog Walking

What happens to the dog when you have to go to work? That's where you come in! Make flyers or ask adults in person if they need help caring for their pet throughout the day. Surprisingly, there are such things as doggy daycare but the fees are through the roof! No pun intended. Especially if you are an animal lover… what’s better than taking a dog for a stroll in the park and getting paid at the same time?

Seasonal Jobs

Depending on the season, there are specific tasks lawn owners are obligated to get done. In the fall, there are leaves galore! Offer a hand by raking leaves or unclogging those measly gutters in your neighborhood. In the winter, you guessed it! SNOW! Shovel driveways and sand/salt walkways in exchange for a few extra bucks. House owners will surely be grateful.

By Stephanie Falcone