We Welcome Infants at Bamboo Shoots

Diversity, Culture, Language...The best way to start the journey of life.

Our Infant classroom provides; personal cribs, separate area for changing and feeding, and our “no-shoes” policy ensures that our baby areas are at all times kept sanitary for playing, eating, and sleeping. As dedicated caregivers we believe that our infants blossom and learn through active involvement and positive interaction.

Our Nursery provides babies with the opportunity to explore with age appropriate toys and materials in a healthy, warm and loving environment. These surroundings along with the caring and loving hands of our bilingual Infant staff help our babies build self confidence and fosters a curiosity and enthusiasm which makes their early stages of development that much more joyful. We cuddle, coo, rock, sing and bond with your baby all throughout their busy day.

We understand and respect that you are the number one and most important teacher in your infants life thats why we work with you hand in hand every day. If this sounds like the environment you would like to offer your infant, stop by and see for yourself how we are totally dedicated to making your Infant Care our priority. We look forward to meeting you and sharing in the joy of your new infant.

Come for a tour!

Bamboo Shoots Education

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