Scholarship Program To Pay For A Child To Attend Farmstead Adventure Camp

Janice DiLello recently created a scholarship program to pay for a child to attend Farmstead Adventure Camp for one week each summer because of her life-changing experience at Fulper Farms. She wants others to have the opportunity to experience the gifts of farm life like she has.

Her Story

“Fifteen years ago, I had recently moved to the Lambertville area and being from New York City I was very curious when I saw an Ad in the local newspaper in big letters “MILKER NEEDED.” I had no idea Fulper Farms or cows existed in the area but I was purely curious so I drove up to the farm and spoke to the oldest Fulper brother, Rob. He hired me on the spot! (Personally, I don't think anyone else applied because of the 4 a.m. milking shift) It was a moment in time that has been a gift that just keeps giving. It felt like the unknown because I knew nothing about cows except that they gave us milk and that was even a big mystery then. I didn't know very much about farming either. But one thing I did know in my gut was that it was where I belonged and the rest would unfold rightfully, and boy, was my intuition right on! My life has been "Udderly Full" since then.

Working at Fulper Farms for the past fifteen years has been life changing. Many of life's lessons that have made me a better person were taught to me by the cows. I am offering this scholarship because I know first-hand that when a child leaves Camp at the end of the week, they are never the same. They are forever changed in a way that affects everything and everyone in their life for the better. They truly realize that it is the very simple things in life that are most rewarding. They learn that cows are great teachers! Cows are pure and give unconditionally. They are truly the most unselfish animal on the planet. They give without judgement whether they are feeding a village in a poor country or offering a rich cheese on an abundant table. A child learns how to give from a true master of it. The gifts of Fulper Farms have been many for me. Here are just a few:

  • Getting to see so many stars over the beautiful fields in the early mornings.
  • Learning the power of mindfulness by having to be totally present with every cow. 
  • The joy of receiving a kiss from a cow that sticks her head all the way out to reach you.
  • The wonder of welcoming a new calf into the world.
  • The knowing that every problem has a solution and you never give up.
  • I learned that country music is awesome! And it makes the cows very happy, especially Taylor Swift
  • And most of all, I learned from the Fulper family that working hard on the farm is "Joy in Action"

The Camp

A week on the farm is worth a month in the city. Fulper Family Farmstead’s unique summer camp program is the epitome of this statement.  Join their farm family for the week and make memories that last a lifetime! For the last 10 years, the Fulpers have opened their barn doors to children for the ultimate fun-on-the-farm experience. They have a passion for youth and strive to deliver an unforgettable, rewarding, and refreshing hands-on experience. Participants will soak up the fresh farm air, learn where milk and dairy products come from, witness real daily farm chores, and care for their own calf; all while having a blast! In addition, the campers will cool off on the ultimate slip ‘n’ slide and milking parlor water games as well as refuel with farm fresh dairy and homemade farmstead snacks. Additional activities include hayrides, the chance to watch a cow give birth, scavenger hunts, relay races, dairy jeopardy, obstacle course, making ice cream, milking a cow, making homemade milk paint for crafts, meeting the dairy princess and much more! 

This day camp program includes farm life, fresh air, exercise, creativity, collaboration and teamwork. The farm’s fourth generation, Robert II and Fred Fulper, believe on-farm education is crucial for the future of agriculture in New Jersey since most people today are far removed from their agricultural ancestry and have never milked a cow.

Each camp participant picks out their very own calf to take care of for the week. They are in charge of naming their calf and learning how to wash, clip, and properly handle them. Families are invited to the farm on the last day to watch each camper present their calf in the show. 

Scholarship Applications can be requested by emailing Visit for more information. The weekly day camps run from July-August at Fulper Farms in Lambertville, NJ. Check out pictures from past camps on Fulper Family Farmstead’s facebook page.