BH Sport’s Training, “BrawlHouse” is a premier sports training facility located in Mountainside, New Jersey. It is “family owned with a family feel.” BH Sports’ philosophy takes a holistic approach to help bring out the best in each individual. To do so, BH Sports creates a unique experience for its members, working with every individual in helping with their technical, physical and mental aspects of training. BH Sports develops and nurtures the athlete with the highest quality training available. 

BH Sports Training is a community of driven, goal-oriented athletes from youth to senior citizen. Athletes come to BrawlHouse because we provide them with the necessary support, friendship and motivation they need to work toward the achievement of their goals. BH Sports takes a personal interest in each athlete, regardless of ability. BH Sports’ mission is to work with its students to help them achieve their athletic greatness and teach them to harness their athletic achievement as fuel to live their life with power, purpose, confidence and focus. 

BH Sports is committed to providing each athlete with the coaching, instruction and moral support they need to work toward achieving and maintaining one’s athletic goals. 

We offer: Wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Cross- Fit, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai / Kickboxing, Sport Specific Functional Training / Personal Training, Bikram Hot Yoga, Ageless Grace. Also, please check out BH for personalized.

BH Sport’s Training 

115 Globe Avenue, Unit B, Mountainside, NJ, 07092
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