Best Mobile Devices for Kids

If you have kids, then you know that smartphones, tablets, and phablets are becoming a part of their daily routine. In fact, the chances are good that your son or daughter has on more than one occasion instructed you on how to use your own device. And it's not surprising, really, considering today's children – even teenagers – have been around mobile devices their entire lives. However, this does raise an interesting question: which smartphones and tablets are right for your son or daughter?

We've made it a point to find out! Below are our recommendations on the best mobile devices for kids that money can buy.

Must-have Smartphones (and Other Gadgets)

While researching this topic, we found that many of the best devices for children make it easy to set user permissions, manage tasks, and facilitate quick and easy communication between parent and child. Rich graphics and the best mobile processors are appealing, of course, but safety should be taken into consideration as well. So which devices fit the bill? We think you can't go wrong with the options below.

Kurio Phone

Made specifically for children and teenagers, the Kurio phone has a lot to offer. Among its many benefits include an Android operating system, multi-carrier compatibility, built-in parental permissions, 4GB of internal storage, and an affordable price. If you're looking for a good first smartphone, this is the one. It may not win any contests outright, but taken as a whole, it's a good, reliable, cost-effective option.


Looking for something a little bit different? How about a smartwatch? No, we're not saying you have to fork down several hundred dollars for the Apple Watch. We're talking about the FiLIP 2, by FiLIP and AT&T. Not only does it look cool (all but the most jaded of teenagers will love this thing), but it gives your son or daughter only what they need – and nothing more. Text and call them directly and set up safe zones so that cell coverage is limited by area. Best of all, it's all but impossible to lose, as it's worn on the wrist!

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The Kurio phone and FiLIP 2 are ideal options for younger children, but teenagers will be better-served by a device that is a bit more robust and powerful. And if you're going for performance and usability, it's hard to beat the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Though this phone is so large that it could probably be considered a phablet, we think it still fills the role of a traditional smartphone nicely. With an advanced Snapdragon processor and cutting-edge display, along with Android's incredibly adaptable operating system, your teen will have arguably the best smartphone on the market.

Top Tablets and Phablets

When it comes to children and teenagers, tablets and “phablets” may actually be preferable to smartphones. Their screens are larger, which makes them better for gaming and media consumption, and they tend to be better-suited to the classroom environment as well. Imagine having to take lecture notes on your iPhone or Android device. It doesn't sound very fun, does it? If your son or daughter has been all but pleading for a tablet, there are numerous devices to choose from, including:

iPad Air 2

Apple's iPad needs no introduction – it just so happens to be one of the most popular tablets in the world. The latest and greatest iteration is the iPad Air 2. Incredibly thin, light, and powerful, it offers everything that your teenage son or daughter (or adolescent son or daughter, for that matter) is looking for in a tablet. That being said, be prepared to spend some money, as they don't come cheap.

Amazon Fire HD 6

Affordable, powerful, fast, usable... you could say that the Amazon Fire HD 6 is the everyman's tablet. Your son or daughter will love its graphics, design, user interface, and fast quad-core processor, and you'll love the price, at just $100. Of course, it doesn't offer the same access to apps that Android or Apple devices do, but if that isn't a concern to you (or your children), you'll find the Amazon Fire offers a lot for the money.

VivoTab Note 8

If the iPad and Amazon Fire represent two extremes, then the VivoTab Note 8 by Asus might just be the happy medium. One thing that the Note 8 has going for it, and which makes it a terrific tablet for teenagers and pre-teens, is the Windows 8.1 operating system. This separates it from competitors in a significant way, as Windows' mobile operating system is designed to offer many of the benefits and functionalities of its desktop OS. As such, the Note 8 might be the ideal tablet for students – and it's pretty affordable, too!