While summer’s been good with the kids off the past few months, it’s time to get them back to school. You’re likely about to get bombarded with housekeeping items from teachers, not to mention field trip permission slips and homework you need to help the kids with. Before school starts though, get all your ducks in a row with this back-to-school checklist so your kids and you can kick off to the new school year right.

Kid-Proof Connected Devices

With technology becoming more and more integrated in education, your kids use of devices like laptops and tablets may be increasing. The assignments they get may require them to connect to home internet service and do research online. Be sure to set parental controls on connected devices so that your kids don’t go to websites that aren’t relevant for their school work or age appropriate. Also look into virus protection. While you may have certain settings blocking certain sites, there’s always a chance random pop-ups or links could be clicked and cause hacking or unwanted viruses.

Practice Routine

The kids have been off all summer which means they probably had a different bed time and most definitely a different daily routine. A week or two before school starts, try to practice what their new school schedule will be like. Have them wake up at that time school would start, have playtime when recess time would be, or perhaps nap time if you have younger children in preschool or kindergarten, and enforce a bedtime that would align with what it’s going to be during the school year. This will get the kids acclimated to a new routine and make it a habit so the transition is easier that first couple weeks of school.

Review Past Curriculum

Summer was fun, but it’s definitely likely that during all that time off, the kids forgot a good amount of what they learned in the past school year. Before this new year starts, brush up on the previous material and concepts they learned in their previous grade level. Reading and math skills need practice so a few light assignments to jog their memory will only benefit them as they build on to what they know this school year.

Figure Out Childcare

Not only is your kid’s schedule changing but yours might be too. Before school starts, make sure you have figured out logistics in terms of childcare changes. Arrange drop off and pick up with other parents carpooling or afterschool care, whether it’s a personal nanny or an afterschool program.

Put Your Kid’s Best Foot Forward

A good impression on the first day can go a long way with a new teacher. Back-to-school haircuts as well as shopping for clothes and supplies will set your kid’s up for a fresh start. They’ll look prepared and ready to take on the year, and hopefully feel good about it too. Instilling confidence in them from the get-go can set off a good momentum for the rest of the school year.

This back-to-school checklist can help you get on the right track towards a good school year. Follow it as needed to ensure your kids are prepared to tackle a new grade and learn and grow as the best students they can be.