For someone so small, your child certainly has a lot of stuff. It's quite incredible how much stuff your baby amasses before he can even crawl. To create order amidst it all while also maintaining some savvy design, here are some tips to stay on track when organising your little one's bedroom.

Encourage Input Within Limits

When redesigning your child's room, always encourage their input, but be careful not to overwhelm them with too many options to minimize stress for everyone involved. Too many options when decorating can be debilitating for indecisive adults and it can be even more confusing for kids. Narrow down the options to two or three of your favourites to include your child in the design process, while also ensuring you will love the final result.

Get Multipurpose Furniture

To cut down on clutter and stay organised, every furniture item in your child's room should have more than one purpose so that it can grow with your little one. Opt for a three-in-one style cot that will convert into a toddler bed to get the most for your money. Choose a dresser that can double as a changing table with the addition of a changing pad. Select a cosy chair that reclines and can double as a bed for mum during late nite feedings. Do your homework and check pricing at online home furniture vendors before splurging on nursery furniture at a local shop to get the best deal.

Simplify by Sizing

Instead of organising your little one's drawers by item, instead sort clothing into drawers by size. As your child grows out of one size and into the next, rotate clothing into long-term storage or pass items along to a friend. This will make room for plenty of items and minimise the time it takes to dress your baby. Adopt the same organisation technique for the closet, hanging items in sized sections. Separate each area using colored ribbon to clearly mark each section.

Redefine Artwork

Use what scribbles you have as artwork in your child's bedroom. Organise your little one's favourite drawings in frames as a gallery wall display above the cot or bed. Use whatever frames you have on hand or check out local opportunity shops to add even more character. To dress up shelving, appoint smartly designed items as sculpture. Board games, blocks, or plush animal toys, items you would normally have to store now have a designated place and also give the decor a splash of personality and unique flavour.

Keep Toys Visible

Avoid cleaning up the huge mess that happens when your little one dumps out every toy basket looking for that one thing by storing toys on open shelving in see-through plastic storage bins. Dedicate an entire wall to open shelving in a simple material, such as plywood, to stretch the storage capacity of even the smallest bedroom. Sort toys by category—blocks, dolls, racecars—and stash them in clear sweater boxes for maximum visibility.

By keeping toys visible, it's easier for your child to find what they're looking for and everything gets more use since nothing is relegated to the back of the closet or the bottom or the storage basket. It's simplifies the cleanup process—making it easier to put everything away and teach you little one how to clean up after themselves.

If the amount of toys in your home seems to be overwhelming, and keeping all of the toys visible is not an option, try the simple solution of a toy rotation system. Your children will love rediscovering toys that have been packed away.