1) Great Exercise

Small-sided (aka 5v5 soccer) games encourage activity from every player on the field. In fact, because there are only 4 people defending as well as trying to score goals on a team, it’s impossible to hang out on the sidelines. If your child gets the lucky job of being the goalie, that’s no place to rest on your laurels either. With few players on the field, every pass could be a strike on goal.

2) Great for Coordination

Whether your child is part of a league or just plays 5v5 soccer with friends, the non-stop nature of the small-sided game and the necessity of player participation encourages coordination. Your child might not pick it up the first time, but over time and with the constant repetition required by the fast-pace, his coordination skills will be sure to improve.

3) No One Feels Left Out

Because there are only a few people on the field, each player is crucial to the success of the team. So no matter if your child is vying to be the next Messi or just starting out, they will get more than one moment in the sun when playing 5v5 soccer.

4) Discipline

In sports, discipline is always a priority. It’s even more important when you’re part of a small-sided team because every player has a constant job to do to make the team a success. Plus there is also the discipline of dedication and constant practice if your child wants to improve his skills.

5) Friendship

Nothing builds camaraderie like being part of a team and working towards the same goal (sorry for the pun). Your losses are shared and your successes celebrated by the people who are all working towards the same outcome as you.

If 5v5 soccer sounds like something your child would like to try, contact Sofive Soccer Centers in the Meadowlands or Philadelphia areas where we offer a variety of opportunities for your child to join the game.

We also host Youth Leagues, Tournaments and Soccer Parties! Check out sofive.com for more information.


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