Parenting is never an easy job, but it’s exponentially more difficult for parents whose kids are suffering from learning disabilities. From finding new and inventive ways of helping your child overcome his struggles to getting emotional support when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting a child with special needs, support groups are great places to locate the help you need. No matter where you are in the world, these 10 online groups can provide the support system you need.
  • Parents of Children with ADHD Support Group – An online message board dedicated to the topic of parenting kids with ADHD and associated learning disabilities, this small community is populated with parents from all walks of life who are eager to share their experience and support one another.
  • Learning Disabilities Association of America – The Learning Disabilities Association of America was established in 1963 and is a clearinghouse of information for parents of children with learning disabilities and adults suffering from learning disabilities themselves. In addition to the online resources available, LDA also offers an exhaustive network of resources on the local level.
  • Parent to Parent USA – In addition to the emotional support offered by P2P USA, you’ll also find a wealth of information that will help you make more sense of parenting your child with a learning disability. There is a directory for local groups, along with a thriving online community available to members.
  • Learning Disability at – A simple, straightforward message board centered around learning disability support, the LD section of makes it easy to communicate with both parents of learning disabled children and adults who have firsthand experience living with a learning disorder.
  • Learning Disability Meetup Groups – A breakdown of meetup groups around the world who focus on a variety of specific learning disabilities, this website isn’t a support group, but does offer a staggering array of resources for parents in search of local support.
  • Asperger’s and Nonverbal Learning Disability Support Group – Support groups have moved into the social networking universe, making it easier than ever to interact with other parents whose experiences are similar to your own. This small group is made up of parents with Aspergers and nonverbal learning disabilities.
  • Learning Disability Online Support Group – is an online community with forums dedicated to a wide range of medical and emotional issues, and features a section for learning disabilities. Diaries, videos, forums and articles round out the offering of resources for parents of kids with learning disabilities and adult sufferers alike.
  • CHADD – Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or CHADD, is a group that offers training, advocacy, information and a network of support services for members. There is a fee to join the group, but you’ll be able to start a free trial membership to ensure that the group is one that will fit your needs.
  • – LDOnline is known as “the world’s leading website on learning disabilities and ADHD,” and offers a thriving forum for discussion in addition to many other resources. Parents looking for information will find more than they know what to do with, and those in need of a place to vent or read the experiences of others will find that, too.
  • National Center for Learning Disabilities – The National Center for Learning Disabilities not only connects parents to much-needed support online, but also helps to put the resources you need on the local level within your reach. There are chaptered organizations on the state and local level, so make sure you check the NCLD out if you need a more personal experience.

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