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Tenafly, NJ

Schoolkids (5-7 yrs)
Tweens (8-12 yrs)
Teens (13-18 yrs)

Team Makers STEM Field Trips

We come to your school or you come to one of our contracted facilities in North Jersey!

Team Makers activities are Fun, Interactive and Educational!  We provide school groups with a wide assortment of entertaining and engaging, team-building activities for children of all ages and abilities. Our interactive and challenging programs provide children with a fun and dynamic approach to learning life’s essential skills by creating an opportunity for learning and reflection. Our programs are designed to help participants take charge of their own learning, build character traits and develop core life skills with a focus on respect, cooperation and team spirit. Our goal is to equip them for the challenges they face in their daily lives, such as peer pressure, stress, family issues, social isolation, academic and athletic competition and, perhaps most significantly, bullying and its ramifications.

Team Makers Approach

Team Makers facilitators are trained to guide groups through the process of discovering their strengths and evaluating alternative solutions to problems and challenges they face. Here's what we will do during a field trip or assembly program: 

Team Makers will provide 5 STEM learning stations for the children to choose and rotate through. Therefore, every child will do every station once. Station activities will typically last for approximately 30-45 minutes. Teams stop part way thru for a lunch break. Children work in teams of approximately 20 children. So, if 100 children, 5 teams are created (if smaller groups, them fewer teams). For instance, we would set up 5 different stations with at least 1 teacher or aide to stay with that team. Depending on how much time we have, determines how long each team attends each station.Team Maker's suggested 5 stations include:

  • Team Building station - This team will learn how to use science, math and engineering during game and team activities.
  • Engineering station - This team will be building something using engineering techniques to solve the activity.
  • Skill Games station - This team will play a series of skill carnival type games and use physics to figure out how to win the challenges. They will do this in teams so strategy and teamwork are also required.
  • Science Station - This team will either do 1 or 2 science experiments or will learn about outer space while shooting off foam rockets.
  • Your choice station - This team can perform a different experiment or participate in a different engineering station, or other team building games.

Contact information: or call 201.500.8076. 

Have your next school, scout, or group field trip at Team Makers!




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