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Robot Revolution of Summit

Robot Revolution Brings STEM to Life

Award winning robotics program for grades 4-12. Build, program, and even compete in exciting games with robots of your design. Bring math, science, and engineering together to solve the problems. 2 locations: Summit and Edison, NJ

During the winter, spring, and our incredible summer camp, students learn in an exploratory program that encourages problem solving and fun. They teach a concept and then give students a task to perform using what they have learned. Many of these tasks are just games to the students. But their philosophy fosters a fun learning environment that really mimics the engineering process of design - build - test. During the fall all of our fall students engage in a cooperative competition where teams work together to accomplish a task. It's a fall sport for the mind. Students will build and program a robot and go to three competitions. This year they hope to be back in high school gyms. Each year over 100 Robot Revolution teams compete. Last year 10 teams made it all the way to the World Championship. The competition is never adversarial. This competition is the best way to teach and keep these young engineers engaged and learning. Students see how their design works at the competition and then return to the lab to make improvements. Through this iterative process, the students learn that with work and perseverance they can accomplish great things.




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