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LEAP-Ei Social Play Learning Program

LEAP-EI … A Social Play Learning Program 

Leap-ei is a social play learning program where children from toddlers to 5 years will be able to learn and play in a safe, friendly and less crowded environment.  

The mission of Leap-ei is to help children and their families transition from home to the classroom setting.  The goal is to provide each child with the necessary tools to reinforce and improve their strengths and challenging skills. Trained professionals promote social language skills and address transition to classroom. Children with all abilities are welcome.  Parent & caregivers are welcome to stay or drop off.

Playgroup Area:  

In the playgroup area, through motion and active play younger kids will be able to learn and interact with peers in a safe and friendly environment away from the big crowds. The playground is equipped with tunnels, climbing/sliding play and a ball pool.  Trained staff and a special educator with extensive experience in the early intervention program will be leading the classes based on each child's needs.  Instructors promote playing cooperatively and improving social/emotional development.  

AM and PM sessions.  Open Gym and Fun Playgroup Saturday.

Program Offerings include: 
School readiness
Early Intervention children are welcome
Inclusive am/pm 2 hrs social skills groups 
Spanish social skills groups 
Language based social skills groups 
Open Play 

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